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This page lists current status of patches for OpenVPN. The entries are generated using attached to this page.

Patches under review

Date Patch Author Remarks
2013-08-22 [PATCH] Add timeout option for socks proxies Nathan Ferch <nf+github@…> Part of unified timeout patch, no longer relevant.
2014-02-26 [openvpn] add option to use user defined routing table (#13) hecke <notifications@…> Gert has reviewed, sent to submitter
2014-03-11 Re: [PATCH] Flood unicast packet with unknowndestination to all clients Vladimir Kamarzin <vvk@…> Gert will review
2014-04-16 Fixes for HTTP proxy authentication with NTLM Holger Kummert <Holger.Kummert@…> Steffan will review. Code needs review for security, assume NTLM works
2014-05-09 [PATCH] Export --redirect-gateway parameters Paul Stewart <pstew@…> Gert has reviewed, answer from original author outstanding
2014-05-28 [PATCH] Add namespace option when using iproute2 Jared Casper <jaredcasper@…> Gert will review, Arne will too
2014-07-20 [PATCH] Support IPv6 env-vars for server-providedIPs Josh Cepek <josh.cepek@…> Lev will review, provide extra patch if required
2014-08-11 [PATCH] Tease apart ipv6 and ipv4 ifconfig code. Gavin Shrubbery <gavin.shrubbery@…> Gert will review
2014-11-28 Send push reply right after async auth complete (inotify) ? Lev Stipakov <lstipakov@…> David reviewed, on ML
2015-01-17 [PATCH v2 0/9] Refactor client-connect / addsupport for deferred handling Fabian Knittel <fabian.knittel@…> Used in production for a while, David will review
2015-03-02 [PATCH] Client-side handling of OCC_SERVER_EXIT Lev Stipakov <lstipakov@…> See previous
2015-07-02 [PATCH] Add TFTP and WPAD DHCP options Jan Just Keijser <janjust@…> Arne has reviewed
2015-10-09 [PATCH] Add TFTP and WPAD DHCP options V4 Jan Just Keiser <janjust@…>
2015-07-08 [PATCH 0/4] RFC changes to the auth-pam plugin. Tim Small <tim@…> David will review
2015-08-25 [PATCH] Added two features to Network AddressTranslator Rafael Gava <gava100@…> followup patch missing
2017-02-17 [PATCH v2] Allow changing cipher from a ccd file Steffan Karger <steffan@…> Fix verified in #845, Awaiting review

Patches sets under review


Action needed

Patch title Status


Patch title
tls-crypt: avoid warnings when --disable-crypto is used
Move create_temp_file() out of #ifdef ENABLE_CRYPTO
tls-crypt: introduce tls_crypt_kt()
crypto: create function to initialize encrypt and decrypt key

Rejected Patches

Date Patch Author NACKED
2014-04-17 [PATCH] Channel Binding Key based on Keying Material Exporters [RFC 5705] "Daniel Kubec" <niel@…> Not fully RFC5705-compliant, should leverage crypto lib ekm functions (changed in later patches)
2013-06-03 Adding support for AEAD cipher modes (AES-GCM,et al.) Kenny Root <kenny@…> Breaks tls-auth, alternative implementation with more optimisations is in the works (as discussed on Munich hackathon)
2014-03-04 [PATCH] Extract MAC addresses from ARP packets "Vladimir V. Kamarzin" <vvk@…> See discussion on mailing list
2013-08-08 [PATCH 2/2] When using UDP over SOCKS5, send the actual remote hostname (FQDN) to the proxy server in the first packet. Jesse Glick <jglick@…> See discussion on mailing list
2013-09-15 [PATCH] Fix file access checks when using --chroot Josh Cepek <josh.cepek@…> See discussion on mailing list
2013-10-21 [PATCH] Properly quote command and arguments passed to system() in down-root crass via GitHub Patch replacing system() with execve() sent to ML
2013-10-14 [PATCH] Floating: Add support for floating in TLSmode André Valentin <avalentin@…> instead new packet format with session id
2013-12-10 [openvpn] Custom control messages & trigger (#10) andreax79 <notifications@…> Patch needs work. Problem trying to solve not really understood
2014-09-03 [PATCH] kill command with IPv6 client address and port 張 世杰 <roy8119425@…>
2015-03-03 [PATCH] Make openvpn management kill commandsupport killmsg ShanYafeng? <cuckoo@…>

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