This page list of tests that should be done for OpenVPN 2.4 on Windows, and their results.

  1. Pre-alpha1 installers with the "Windows: do_ifconfig() after open_tun()" v2 patch (32-bit, 64-bit)
    • Variant which additionally suppresses scary-looking output from sc.exe (32-bit, 64-bit)
    • Has passed cron2's run.bat and run2.bat that run tests against the t_client test servers
    • Tested by mattock using Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
      • Tests (done using openvpn-windows-test, includes IPv4 and IPv6)
        1. Standard tests (cmd.exe / openvpn-gui / openvpnserv2): connect -> ping (host inside VPN) -> disconnect
        2. Quick suspend/resume test: connect -> suspend briefly -> resume -> ping -> disconnect
        3. Long suspend/resume test: connect -> suspend for a long while (server disconnect) -> resume -> [re-enter auth details ->] ping -> disconnect
        4. Respawn test (openvpnserv2): connect -> ping -> kill openvpn.exe [-> let managing process restart openvpn ] -> ping -> disconnect
      • Test results
        • No failures so far
        • An Access Server with LDAP authentication
          • Tests 1 and 4: successful
          • Suspend/resume tests (2-3) passed; tested only OpenVPN-GUI and openvpnserv2
        • A Private Tunnel server (OpenVPN 3) with passwordless certificate authentication
          • Tests 1 and 4: successful
        • Five other OpenVPN 2.2/2.3 -based servers
          • Various configurations, e.g. cert/password auth, certificates with/without passwords, various topologies...
          • Tests 1 and 4: successful
    • Tested by Debbie10t
      • "I am now running openvpn-install-2.3_git-do-ifconfig-after-tun-v2-I601-x86_64 on Win10Pro OVPN Server with half a dozen mixed win/linux clients and also running as a client with second TAP adapter. Using openvpnserv2. So far: No problems!"
      • Also testing same setup using GUI + Interactive service. So far: No problems!
    • Tested by Ton
      • "64 bit version on Win7 Home Premium installation process without issues."
      • "No issues so far in connecting to remote servers."
    • Tested by Doug
      • "64bit version installed without issue on Windows 7 Professional"
    • Tested by Jose
      • "I tested the 64 bit installer on Windows 7 Enterprise using default settings. It ran smoothly."
      • "I use OpenVPN-MI-GUI. I had to start OpenVPNService to connect to my server. Other than that, it worked fine."
    • Tested by Enno
      • Windows 7 Professional SP1, 64 Bit: "Installs and connects fine on"
      • Windows 10 Educational, 64 Bit: "GUI warns about Interactive Service not being started. After starting it manually, everything works fine."
      • "On server side there is an openvpn 2.3.4 in tun-Mode running on (and obtained from) Debian Jessie."
    • Tested by Michael
      • Windows 7 32-bit: "I updated my Astaro SSL VPN Client with this version (32bit, Windows 7) and the installer detected the old Astaro paths correctly. While installation I got the error "TAP-Windows 9.21.2 Setup, An error occurred installing the TAP device driver" but I was able to finish the setup. Starting OpenVPN and connecting to a Sophos cluster worked fine"
      • Windows 10: Fresh install within Virtualbox also worked fine
    • Tested by Moritz (report in private email)
      • "No faults while Installing."
      • "Works under Windows 7 Professional SP 1 with ipv4+ipv6 and redirecting traffic through it."
    • Tested by Marcel
      • "Installed as upgrade on latest v2.3 on Windows 7 Pro 64Bit. Connects to tun-based server on Debian Jessie without any problems.

Running GUI as user now also add routes via service. Great job!"

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