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Information on this page is primarily based on

Any interesting discussion on #openvpn-devel channel will also be mentioned.

Interesting events

  • d12fk, the maintainer of OpenVPN-GUI started merging mattock's OpenVPN-GUI Windows installer (openvpn-gui.nsi) patches from mattock

New patches

New bugs/issues/tickets

Commits to the Git repo

  • None this week

Ongoing development

  • Adding snappy support in openvpn-build
    • Seems to work with shared libstdc++ and libgcc, but the former is too large (8MB) to be included as-is in Windows installers. Therefore these libraries need to be statically linked.
  • Adding PolarSSL connectivity tests to the buildslaves
  • OpenVPN-GUI NSI installer (details here). It's now being merged to openvpn-gui.
  • Review of Trac tickets
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