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Interesting events

  • PolarSSL 1.2 support was added to OpenVPN

Commits to the Git repo

  • 23 Mar 2013 (Sat):
    • Gert Doering: Add MIN() compatibility macro (15ca5c2)
  • 22 Mar 2013 (Fri):
    • Steffan Karger: Use constant time memcmp when comparing HMACs in openvpn_decrypt. (11d2134)
    • Steffan Karger: Fixed autoconf script to properly detect missing pkcs11 with polarssl. (9a3f670)
    • Steffan Karger: Switch to IANA names for TLS ciphers. (3b23b18)
    • Steffan Karger: Config compatibility patch. Added translate_cipher_name. (f499b92)
    • Steffan Karger: Improve verify_callback messages (d572959)
    • Steffan Karger: Improve PolarSSL key_state_read_{cipher, plain}text messages (0219f11)
    • Steffan Karger: PolarSSL-1.2 support (4a56d19)
  • 20 Mar 2013 (Wed):
    • Josh Cepek: (updated) [PATCH] Warn when using verb levels >=7 without debug (58fbb80)

Ongoing development

  • OpenVPN-GUI NSI installer (details here)
  • Migration of buildslaves to PolarSSL 1.2
  • OpenVPN 2.3.1 release (imminent)
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