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     1= Installing an uninstalling the TAP-drivers =
     3Occasionally you may have to try out different versions of the Windows TAP-driver. This can be done with ''<openvpn-install-dir\bin\tapinstall.exe''. This tool is actually renamed [ Devcon.exe].
     5It's fairly straighforward to use ''tapinstall.exe'' from a command-prompt. The <id> is an identifier which ''tapinstall.exe'' uses to detect the correct driver. In case of OpenVPN 2.2* it's ''tap0901''. This may be different in older/newer versions. To view information about an installer driver use
     8$ tapinstall.exe hwids <id>
     11To uninstall a driver use:
     14$ tapinstall.exe remove tap0901
     17To install a new TAP-driver use
     20$ tapinstall.exe install <something.inf> <id>
     23It's also possible to [wiki:BuildingOnWindows#ExtractingsignedTAP-driversfromanOpenVPNinstaller extract TAP-drivers from OpenVPN installer] without installing OpenVPN.
     25= Extracting TAP-drivers from OpenVPN installers =
     27If you need to run OpenVPN on Windows Vista/7 64-bit you have to use signed TAP drivers. Unless you sign them yourself, you need to do two extra steps:
     29 * Extract the TAP-drivers (*.cat, *.sys, *.inf) and ''tapinstall.exe'' from an official OpenVPN installer using [ 7-zip]. The 64-bit versions are larger in size.
     30 * Place 32-bit signed TAP drivers and corresponding ''tapinstall.exe'' to ''<openvpn-build-root>\tap-prebuilt\i386''
     31 * Place 64-bit versions to ''<openvpn-build-root>\tap-prebuilt\amd64''