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OpenVPN Hackathon 2018

This year's hackathon is organized by Andriy Revin and David Sommerseth

We will stick to the format of the previous years, which means attendance is in principle limited to "active developers that are also regularly contributing to #openvpn-devel or the mailing list". We should have enough space in the meeting room for 10-14 devs.

Who is coming?

Name Topics Arrival Departure Hotel
Andriy Revin - @home
David Sommerseth clean-ups, plug-ins, OpenVPN 3 client Thu evening (LO482/LO763) Tue (LO766/LO483) Ibis
Antonio Quartulli remaining IPv6-only work, VLAN patches, netlink, multi-socket/multi-protocol, transport API(?) Fri Tue Ibis
Steffan Karger Performance, clean ups, crypto stuff Thu Sun Ibis
Gert Döring VLAN Patches / Architecture, Challenge / Plugin stuff, Performance (Threading?) Fri (LH2550, ETA 11:30 @airport) Mon (LH2551) Ibis
Samuli Seppänen Packaging of OpenVPN 2/3 (MSI, DEB, RPM) Fri late evening Mon early morning  Ibis
James Yonan
Arne Schwabe random stuff Thu (LO410/LO765) Tue (LO766/LO407) Ibis
Johan Draaisma things 3 oct 8 oct somewhere
Lev Stipakov things Fri evening (TK443) Tue Ibis


The meeting is held at the OpenVPN office in Lviv (Ukraine): Shevchenka Ave 5.

Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport is quite close to the city. Best way of public transport is via Uber.

If you have any questions - please contact Andriy Revin (andriy @


The hackathon will take place from Friday October 5th 2018 to Sunday October 7th.


  1. What features do we want in 2.5? Set the timeline accordingly
    • tls-crypt v2, sitnl, vlan patches, ipv6-only?
  2. Should OpenVPN be a "swiss army knife" or "secure vpn client for dummies"
    • Could the split between OpenVPN 2.x and 3.x reflect these two roles?
  3. MSI packaging
    • Available for testing for tap-windows6, but not yet for OpenVPN 2




Free wifi network is available at the office


There are many options with hotels and Airbnb alternatives in walking distance from the office (5-10 minutes). Most reasonably priced hotels are fairly small and availability is varying a lot, but double check against,, or similar sites to ensure you get a good price.

Some hotels close by (4-8 minutes walk):

Hotel URL Comments
Ibis Styles Lviv Center Most likely one of the bigger ones, small rooms but decent
Swiss Hotel Reasonable hotel when getting good price offers
ANTARES Apart hotel -
Danylo Inn -


(informal notes on some of the discussions that benefit from writing down)