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OpenVPN Hackathon 2017


This year's hackathon is organized by Heiko Hund (d12fk).

We will stick to the format of the previous years, which means attendance is in principle limited to "active developers that are also regularly contributing to #openvpn-devel or the mailing list". We should have enough space in the meeting room for 16 devs.

who is coming?

Name Topics Arrival Departure Hotel
Heiko Hund - Fri. 10am Sun. 20pm @home
Antonio Quartulli - - - -


The meeting is held at the Sophos office in Karlsruhe (Germany):

Karlsruhe is an one hour ICE train ride away from Frankfurt Airport.

If you have any questions or got lost - please contact Heiko at +49 172 74 911 92.


The hackathon will take place from Nov 3rd or 10th (Friday), 2017 to Nov 5th or 12th (Sunday).


So what is the goal of the Hackathon?

  • should we get rid of LZ4 as bundled library and always rely on what the system has installed?
  • add more topics here!

We're all open for additions here - I think the meetings in Brussels (2011+2012), Munich (2013+2014), Delft (2015) and Helsinki (2016) have shown that "just being able to sit together and hack" is a useful exercise.


Free Wifi and wired network is available


The closest Hotel is the "Der Blaue Reiter" just across the street.