OpenVPN Hackathon 2022

This year's hackathon is organized by Max Fillinger.

Who is coming?

Name Topics Arrival Departure Hotel
Heiko Hund Modernize code contribution and review 25 November, Friday, 12:00 27 November, Sunday, 18:00 WestCord Hotel
Antonio Quartulli Structure feature planning/collection 25 November, Friday 27 November, Sunday WestCord Hotel
Max Fillinger - Already there - Home
Johan Draaisma AS and DCO 24 November, Thursday, 17:00 28 November, Monday, 13:00 WestCord Hotel
Lev Stipakov dco-win and Windows TA 24 November, Thursday, 20:00 28 November, Monday, 9:00 WestCord Hotel
Samuli Seppänen - 24 November, Thursday, 20:00 28 November, Monday, 9:00 WestCord Hotel
Gert Döring IPv6 to community, automated testing 25 November, Friday 27 November, Sunday WestCord Hotel
Frank Lichtenheld Windows automated testing 24 November, Thursday, 18:00 27 November, Sunday, 17:00 WestCord Hotel
Kristof Provost FreeBSD DCO 25 November, Friday 27 November, Sunday WestCord Hotel
Arne Schwabe - 24. November 17:00 28.11 9:00 WestCord Hotel
Steffan Karger Testing Already there - Home

The original Doodle participation poll was here.


The hackathon will take place from Friday November 25th 2022 to Sunday November 27th.


The Hackathon takes place at Fox IT in Delft, Netherlands. Most people stay at the WestCord Hotel, which is located closest to Fox IT.

Entrance to the venue

From the hotel, follow the road left in front of the IKEA. You should see the Fox-IT logo. The address is Olof Palmestraat 6. You're welcome from 9:30 to 18:00. Please bring an ID card, you're not allowed to enter without.

On Friday, you can just ring the bell tell the reception that you're here for the OpenVPN hackathon and to get Maximilian Fillinger. I'll also be at the entrance in the morning.

In the weekend, we're opening the office at 9:30. If you come later, call Max at +31 644932753.


(Details to come)

How to get there

If you arrive via Shithole Airport, there's a trainstation in the basement of the airport's main plaza that you can take to Delft trainstation. It usually leaves platform 6. In the plaza there are ticket machines in English that you can use to purchase a ticket easily to take you to Delft with a transfer at Leiden. Usually takes about half an hour to an hour depending on whether you get the fast train or the one that stops everywhere, and depends also on your transfer connection. You can check to plan your journey and get details.

Public transport works with cards that you get printed at the ticket machine and you hold in front of a column intended for it to check-in and check-out (RFID). Or via subscriptions on a more long-term pass. Just buying one-way tickets should be just fine, just remember to check-in by holding it against one of the NS check-in columns on the plaza before you go down the escalators to the platforms. Check-out usually doesn't matter much with a one-way ticket unless you're at a station where they won't let you out without checking out at one of the gates.

Johan Draaisma will be in Delft with his car and can be a taxi driver to get you from train station to hotel. Most guys from OpenVPN community already have his phone number and signal contact.


  • Discuss change to GPL2+ or/add add something to be compatible with Apache2.




NameTypePrice (1p, 1night)Distance from Fox IT (Venue)Distance from city
WestCord Hotel Delft (aka IKEA hotel) Hotel 120 Euro 400m 2km
Hampshire Hotel Delft Hotel 108 Euro 1km 650m
Bed&Breakfast Gasthuis288 Bed and Breakfast 95 Euro 600m 1.6km
Shanghai Hotel Holland Hotel 86 Euro 2km 2km
Campanile Delft Hotel 72 Euro 2km 2km

There are several more hotels in the 90-120 Euro range near the city center (1.6km to Fox-IT). The above are the closest and cheapest I could find at the moment. So far, most attendees have chosen to stay at the WestCord.



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