OpenVPN Hackathon 2021

This year's hackathon is jointly organized by Gert Döring (community part) and Arne Schwabe (closed part).

We will stick to the format of the previous years, which means attendance is in principle limited to "active developers that are also regularly contributing to #openvpn-devel or the mailing list". We have enough space in the meeting room for 20 devs (covid19 restrictions, the room is much bigger).

Full vaccination against covid19 is required.

Please also read the border entry regulations from German government at:

tl;dr: you have to pre-register if traveling from a high risk area and basically always have to be vaccinated

Who is coming?

Proposed T-shirt designs were here. The top left design was chosen.

Name Topics Arrival Departure Hotel T-shirt size Preferred T-shirt design
Gert Döring - 5 November, Friday, early morning 7 November, Sunday, late evening @home XL it must be black! And then 'top left'
Heiko Hund - 2 November, Tuesday, 11:00 7 November, Sunday, 18:00 Bold Giesing XL Top or bottom left
Samuli Seppänen - L Top right
Johan Draaisma DNS 2 November, Tuesday, 12:00 7 November, Sunday, 16:00 tbd XL Top left, shirt just like in pic
David Sommerseth - 2 November, Tuesday, 11:00 7 November, Sunday, 14:00 Bold Giesing XL Top or bottom left
Kyryl Tumanov - 1 November, Monday, 15:00 7 November, Sunday, 12:00 Bold Giesing M or L.. probably L
Frank Lichtenheld - 2 November, Tuesday, 11:00 7 November, Sunday, 18:00 Bold Giesing XL Top Left
James Yonan - 1 November, Monday, --:-- 7 November, Sunday, --:-- Bold Giesing XL
Lev Stipakov - 1 November, Monday, 18:00 7 November, Sunday, 18:00 Bold Giesing M
Jeff Lucovsky - 1 November, Monday, 11:00 8 November, Monday, 07:00 Bold Giesing XL Top left
Steffan Karger - 4 November, Thursday, 22:30 7 November, Sunday, 12:00 Bold Giesing L (sent)
Jan Just Keijser - 5 November, Friday, 12:40 7 November, Sunday, 21:00 Bold Giesing M (via syzzer) Top left
Arne Schwabe - 1 November, Monday 8 November, Monday, 11:00 Bold Giesing XXL Top left, then bottom left
Mark Deric - 1 November, Monday, 13:30 8 November, Monday, 11:55 Bold Giesing XL, XXL if EU sourced Top left
Max Fillinger mbedTLS 3.0 support (?) 4 November, Thursday, 18:10 8 November, Monday, 12:00 Bold Giesing XL (via syzzer)
Antonio Quartulli - not coming but I still want a shirt! home M Top left
Selva Nair not coming me too would like one M ---
wiscii not coming Please and thanks L Top right
Pippin not coming would also like one Netherlands M (via syzzer) Top left
themiron not coming would be great to have one Russia M Top middle, then top right

The original Doodle participation poll was here.


The hackathon will take place from Tuesday November 2nd 2021 to Sunday November 7th. Tue-Thu is restricted to "OpenVPN Inc" employees, Fri-Sun is open.


The Hackathon takes space in the "area 42" meeting area of QAWARE Munich QAWARE is a software / cloud centric company that uses lots of Open Source and sponsors the room, coffee, tea and soft drinks to "give back to the community" (much appreciated!). The venue is located south of the Munich city centre, easily reached by public transport, and there are Hotels nearby. Food can be found in the QAWARE cantina, or in walking distance.

Entrance to the venue

Arne will be there Tuesday morning and has the contact data for qaware. So all Corp people, please coordinate with Arne.

Gert will be there Friday morning. If you want to attend and have questions, contact me on gert@… or +49 177 2160221 (mobile / whatsapp / signal) or +49 89 35655024 (wired). Or cron2 on IRC.


(Details to come)

How to get there

The Hackathon is taking place at QAware, Aschauer Str. 32, 81549 München

The closest public transport stop is "Giesing", for both U-Bahn and S-Bahn. From there it is just a few hundred meters walking distance.

To get there from the airport takes ~50 minutes, from the central train station ~10 minutes.

You can plan your trip on the MVV website:


  • Getting 2.6 out
    • test + merge the DCO patchset (cron2/ordex)
  • networking topics
    • get rid of "broadcast" ifconfig setting (cron2/ordex, /31 thread)
    • cleanup tun.c, route.c
    • DNS configuration (--dhcp-options DOMAIN/DOMAIN-SEARCH/ADAPTER_DOMAIN_SUFFIX)
  • test framework
    • t_client "this address MUST NOT ping after the VPN is up" (client isolation testing with vlan patchset)
    • testing management API
  • (...more.topics...)


Free wifi network is available at the venue


(Details to come)

NameTypePrice (1p, 1night)Distance from QAWARE (Venue)Distance from Marienplatz (city centre)
Bold GiesingHotel~80 € incl. Brkfst100 m5 km



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