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    33An overview is available in [ Changes.rst]. Complete change logs below.
     5== OpenVPN 2.4.4 ==
     8Antonio Quartulli (23):
     9      crypto: correct typ0 in error message
     10      use M_ERRNO instead of explicitly printing errno
     11      don't print errno twice
     12      ntlm: avoid useless cast
     13      ntlm: unwrap multiple function calls
     14      route: improve error message
     15      management: preserve wait_for_push field when asking for user/pass
     16      tls-crypt: avoid warnings when --disable-crypto is used
     17      ntlm: convert binary buffers to uint8_t *
     18      ntlm: restyle compressed multiple function calls
     19      ntlm: improve code style and readability
     20      OpenSSL: remove unreachable call to SSL_CTX_get0_privatekey()
     21      make function declarations C99 compliant
     22      remove unused functions
     23      use NULL instead of 0 when assigning pointers
     24      add missing static attribute to functions
     25      ntlm: avoid breaking anti-aliasing rules
     26      remove the --disable-multi config switch
     27      rename mroute_extract_addr_ipv4 to mroute_extract_addr_ip
     28      route: avoid definition of unused variables in certain configurations
     29      fix a couple of typ0s in comments and strings
     30      fragment.c: simplify boolean expression
     31      tcp-server: ensure AF family is propagated to child context
     33Arne Schwabe (2):
     34      Set tls-cipher restriction before loading certificates
     35      Print ec bit details, refuse management-external-key if key is not RSA
     37Conrad Hoffmann (2):
     38      Use provided env vars in up/down script.
     39      Document down-root plugin usage in client.down
     41David Sommerseth (12):
     42      doc: The CRL processing is not a deprecated feature
     43      cleanup: Move write_pid() to where it is being used
     44      contrib: Remove keychain-mcd code
     45      cleanup: Move init_random_seed() to where it is being used
     46      sample-plugins: fix ASN1_STRING_to_UTF8 return value checks
     47      Highlight deprecated features
     48      Use consistent version references
     49      docs: Replace all PolarSSL references to mbed TLS
     50      systemd: Ensure systemd shuts down OpenVPN in a proper way
     51      systemd: Enable systemd's auto-restart feature for server profiles
     52      lz4: Move towards a newer LZ4 API
     53      Prepare the release of OpenVPN 2.4.4
     55Emmanuel Deloget (3):
     56      OpenSSL: remove pre-1.1 function from the OpenSSL compat interface
     57      OpenSSL: remove EVP_CIPHER_CTX_new() from the compat layer
     58      OpenSSL: remove EVP_CIPHER_CTX_free() from the compat layer
     60Gert van Dijk (1):
     61      Warn that DH config option is only meaningful in a tls-server context
     63Ilya Shipitsin (3):
     64      travis-ci: add 3 missing patches from master to release/2.4
     65      travis-ci: update openssl to 1.0.2l, update mbedtls to 2.5.1
     66      travis-ci: update pkcs11-helper to 1.22
     68Richard Bonhomme (1):
     69      man: Corrections to doc/openvpn.8
     71Steffan Karger (17):
     72      Fix typo in extract_x509_extension() debug message
     73      Move adjust_power_of_2() to integer.h
     74      Undo cipher push in client options state if cipher is rejected
     75      Remove strerror_ts()
     76      Move openvpn_sleep() to manage.c
     77      fixup: also change missed openvpn_sleep() occurrences
     78      Always use default keysize for NCP'd ciphers
     79      Move create_temp_file() out of #ifdef ENABLE_CRYPTO
     80      Deprecate --keysize
     81      Deprecate --no-replay
     82      Move run_up_down() to init.c
     83      tls-crypt: introduce tls_crypt_kt()
     84      crypto: create function to initialize encrypt and decrypt key
     85      Add coverity static analysis to Travis CI config
     86      tls-crypt: don't leak memory for incorrect tls-crypt messages
     87      travis: reorder matrix to speed up build
     88      Fix bounds check in read_key()
     90Szilárd Pfeiffer (1):
     91      OpenSSL: Always set SSL_OP_CIPHER_SERVER_PREFERENCE flag
     93Thomas Veerman via Openvpn-devel (1):
     94      Fix socks_proxy_port pointing to invalid data
    597== OpenVPN 2.4.3 ==