OpenVPN 2.4 new Certificate Revocation List method.

Processing the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) in OpenVPN 2.4 is now handled by the Crypto Library with which OpenVPN has been built. This means the list is processed much more rigidly than before. (Previously, in OpenVPN 2.3, a built-in check was used).

Specifically, the Crypto Library (Usually OpenSSL) will check all fields, this check includes the nextUpdate field and CRLs with an expired nextUpdate field are flagged as expired by OpenSSL (The built-in check in OpenVPN 2.3 did not check this field).

In order to fix this, regenerate the CRL with a new nextUpdate value. If you don't want your CRLs expire put that value far enough into the future.

Using EasyRSA a new CRL can be generated with ./easyrsa gen-crl


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