How can I connect Windows XP to a Linux-based Samba server using routing rather than bridging?

internal net:
samba server:
windows xp: dialup networking

server config on linux gateway:

dev tun0
ifconfig <-- openvpn-net
port 12345
verb 1
local <-- official server ip adress
user nobody
group nogroup
secret /etc/openvpn/key
tun-mtu 1500

open port 12345 on the firewall on server (gateway)

on windows xp:

Go to windows network panel.
Set the windows tap-device from application control to always connected.
Set the ipadress to netmask
Leave DNS and gateway empty.

openvpn config on Windows XP:

dev tun0
ifconfig <-- openvpn-net
port 12345
ip-win32 manual
verb 1
remote <-- official serveripadress
secret C:\programme\openvpn\config\key
tun-mtu 1500
ping 30

create a batchfile:

route add mask
net use g: \\\Daten /USER:user1 <-- your account on samba!!

After connecting to the internet, start the batch file
and enter the password for samba.

Viola, now you have the service Daten on drive g:.

Now you can set the service openvpn to start automatically
and only start the batch file
after internet connection.

Richard Lechner

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