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OpenVPN can ping both peers, but I can't reach any of the other machines on the remote subnet.

  • Make sure that the firewall is not filtering the TUN/TAP interface.
  • Make sure you have IP forwarding enabled on the server.
  • If you are using routing (not ethernet bridging), make sure the clients (or LAN gateway) have a route back to the server for the packets coming in over the tunnel. This can be done by:
    • adding a route in your default gateway for the VPN network IP subnet pointing to the OpenVPN machine,
    • adding a route to every client, or
    • NATing all VPN traffic to the local address of the OpenVPN machine for network traffic which leaves the OpenVPN machine for the local net.
  • If you are still stumped, use tcpdump, wireshark, or WinDump to determine where packets are being dropped.
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