15:59 Changeset [9449e6a] by David Sommerseth <davids@…>
Add support to forward console query to systemd Systemd requires …
13:16 Ticket #189 (Environmental Variables ERROR.) created by amao
local The --local parameter. Set on program initiation and reset …
10:58 Ticket #188 (syslog facility config should be set in config file) created by zux
the syslog facility config is set at compile time, it would be much …


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11:04 Changeset [6abb6cd] by David Sommerseth <davids@…>
Fix list-overrun checks in copy_route_[ipv6_]option_list() The old …
10:46 Changeset [9140223] by David Sommerseth <davids@…>
Fix build-up of duplicate IPv6 routes on reconnect. options.c: extend …


16:49 Ticket #187 (web documentation link missing 2.2 links) created by krzee
http://openvpn.net/index.php/open-source/documentation does not have …


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Add Japanese (diff)


00:18 Changeset [bcfe403] by James Yonan <james@…>
Added support for "on-link" routes on Linux client -- these are routes …


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01:48 Ticket #186 (Bug in key generation script) created by mvuong
I tried to generate keys after a clean install of version 2.2.1 and …


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Modify example openvpn.sh (diff)


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12:16 Ticket #185 (OpenVPN did not detect windows system path WINDIR SYSTEMROOT SYSTEMDRIVE) created by cavila
I installed the windows package on a windows XP Professional. But on …


20:34 Ticket #171 (openvpn-2.2.1-install.exe contains unsigned openvpn-gui-1.0.3.exe) closed by samuli
20:33 Ticket #182 (Password save support missing in OpenVPN 2.2.1 Debian/Ubuntu packages) closed by samuli
fixed: Fixed in OpenVPN 2.2.2 release packages.
15:21 WikiStart edited by RemoTay
10:34 Changeset [1d5c443] by David Sommerseth <davids@…>
Fix compiling with --disable-crypto and/or --disable-ssl The checks …


16:06 Changeset [e3f1b6a] by David Sommerseth <davids@…>
Allow "tap-win32 dynamic <offset>" to be used in topology subnet mode. …
16:04 Changeset [8407991] by David Sommerseth <davids@…>
Fixed client issues with DHCP Router option extraction/deletion when …
16:03 Changeset [ffea644] by David Sommerseth <davids@…>
Added "memstats" option to maintain real-time operating stats in a …
16:02 Changeset [359adbf] by David Sommerseth <davids@…>
Raised D_PID_DEBUG_LOW from level 3 to 4 to reduce replay error …
11:17 Changeset [12158e5]v2.2.2 by David Sommerseth <davids@…>
Preparing for v2.2.2 release ChangeLog? got a few updates for the the …
11:08 Ticket #145 (pkcs11 support is missing in openvpn 2.2.0 for windows) closed by dazo
fixed: Applied to release/2.2 branch. […]
10:27 Changeset [81ce1d4] by David Sommerseth <davids@…>
Backported pkcs11-related parts of 7a8d707237bb18 to 2.2 branch Fixes …


20:20 Ticket #147 (IPv6 errors on server side) closed by dazo
fixed: Applied to release/2.2 branch […]
20:16 Changeset [b7bbe47] by David Sommerseth <davids@…>
Only warn about non-tackled IPv6 packets once When using OpenVPN 2.2 …
16:57 Ticket #126 (Cannot access Syspro 6.0 Server with 2.2RC or 2.2.0) closed by dazo


15:16 ManPageUpdatesFor2.2 edited by rf
--mtu-dynamic has been replaced with --fragment (diff)


14:54 ManPageUpdatesFor2.2 edited by rf
added link to ticket (diff)
14:54 Ticket #184 (Documented option: --push-peer-info) created by rf
Documented option --push-peer-info in man page.
14:04 ManPageUpdatesFor2.2 edited by rf
added link to ticket (diff)
14:02 Ticket #183 (Documented option: --errors-to-stderr) created by rf
Documented option --errors-to-stderr in man page.
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