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16:15 Ticket #81 (Please support certificates where a CN attribute is not part of the ...) closed by janjust
16:14 Ticket #70 (OpenVPN 2.1.x via-env pushing of password variable doesn't work) closed by janjust
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Community Report (2010 December)
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12:03 Ticket #80 (OpenVPN client config should allow TCP and UDP in one config) closed by dazo
11:59 Ticket #38 (U/P auth to server fails: Environment Variable missing!) closed by dazo
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18:23 Ticket #84 (multihome with udp6 doesn't work) created by the2masters
I have multiple IPv6 tunnels and Openvpn answers always on the primary …


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13:42 Ticket #83 (openvpn quits on bad crl with crl-verify set) created by rram
If the openvpn server is configured to verify certificates against a …


09:47 Ticket #82 (OpenVPN generates flood of CTL MAC Pause packets) created by myce
On a router using OpenVPN 2.1-RC3 the following happens: Some time …
09:45 Ticket #81 (Please support certificates where a CN attribute is not part of the ...) created by akorn
Hi, with LDAP deployments becoming more and more commonplace, private …


10:08 Ticket #80 (OpenVPN client config should allow TCP and UDP in one config) created by thomasj
Since UDP does typically run faster than TCP (especially over mobile …


15:57 Ticket #79 (Optimizations for multicast over TAP w/ OpenVPN) created by samuli
Multicast forwarding in OpenVPN is not as effective as it could be, as …


01:12 Ticket #78 (openvpn http-proxy auth issue with profiles) created by eduda
In misc.c bool get_user_pass (struct user_pass *up, …


16:12 Changeset [c65e30f] by James Yonan <james@…>
Fixed minor compile issue triggered on builds where …
11:31 Ticket #77 (Windows x64 vars.bat bug) created by Free_Being
With a x64 Windows, into vars.bat, HOME var is not correct : We can …
05:50 Ticket #76 (Using port-share causes high CPU) created by domingo
I've got a server that uses port-share to allow Openvpn to use 443/tcp …


16:03 Ticket #75 (openvpn fills up syslog with “socket operation on non-socket (code=88)”) created by dazo
Copy of https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=632645


22:38 Changeset [6970212] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Separate the general plug-in version constant and v3 plug-in structs …
22:37 Changeset [0a55fce] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Added a simple plug-in demonstrating the v3 plug-in API. To build the …
22:37 Changeset [2db5a0a] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Extend the v3 plug-in API to send over X509 certificates The …
22:35 Changeset [cbf87ea] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Implement the core v3 plug-in function calls. Let OpenVPN call the …
22:35 Changeset [d423cd3] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Define the new openvpn_plugin_{open,func}_v3() API This just …
22:28 Changeset [f83d52f] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Provide 'dev_type' environment variable to plug-ins and script hooks …
20:10 Ticket #74 (openvpn-2.1.4 floods /var/log/messages when network is down / it is ...) created by mt
Showing messages like: OpenVPN 2.1 requires '--script-security 2' or …
10:41 Ticket #73 (warning on cant read ccd) created by krzee
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