13:08 Ticket #60 (--auth-user-pass <file> does not work after TLS soft reset disconnect) created by schmidt
config file (client) has "auth-user-pass" and I am overriding this …
11:14 Ticket #59 (Tap version condition error on Win32) created by agrandville
line 4014 of the tun.c file I found this condition: […] Does it …
05:33 Ticket #58 (common_name is blank in client-connect script) created by csoto
I have setup a server with auth-user-pass-verify script …


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11:25 Ticket #57 (openvpn status - show the interface used in multihome environment) created by roentgen
Hello. Now that multihome is back to normal thanks to JuanJo?
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06:52 Ticket #56 (WinXP: route setup broken after standby) created by samuli
Using openvpn 2.0.5. Briefly, the static route to the openvpn server …


23:27 Ticket #55 (After enabling "topology subnet" no route settings for server) created by controlc.de
If I enable "topology subnet" in my server.conf OpenVPN don´t set up …
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10:01 Ticket #54 (Route dissapearing) created by dymm
Hi About configuration. Server ( is on my home pc that is …


14:35 Ticket #53 (tun device was closed when starting daemon) created by shakemid
I used 2.0.9 on OpenSolaris? 2009.06. It worked well. But, 2.1.3 did …


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13:44 Ticket #52 (No routing after restart of Win 2003 Server on 2.1) created by samuli
I have installed OpenVPN 2.1rc4 on a Windows 2003 Server (SBS) …
13:41 Ticket #51 (Easy-rsa howto needs more info) created by samuli
Hi, This actually bit me once when I first setup openvpn and when I …
13:30 Ticket #50 (Missing quotes and path check in easy-rsa batch files) created by samuli
Hi All, /openvpn-2.1_rc7/easy-rsa/Windows/ The batch scripts in …
13:11 Ticket #49 (--float does not work with --server) created by samuli
I have an OpenVPN server in UDP TLS-server mode. Float is activated …
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07:23 Ticket #48 (Convert the OpenVPN man-page to DocBookXML format) created by samuli
Converting the OpenVPN man-page to [http://www.docbook.org/


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10:36 Ticket #47 (retry with multiple IP hostname fails) created by snovak7
When OpenVPN is up and running, connectivity sometimes fails, so …
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06:04 Changeset [51e6e5b] by James Yonan <james@…>
Added --proto-force directive. Version 2.1.3a git-svn-id: …


21:39 Changeset [1d76ecb] by James Yonan <james@…>
Don't configure Linux tun/tap txqueuelen setting if OpenVPN txqueuelen …


20:23 Ticket #45 (TAP-Driver Installation in 2.1.2 on Win7 x64 not possible) closed by dazo
fixed: This is fixed in OpenVPN 2.1.3. That is a rebuilt version of 2.1.2, …
05:24 Changeset [2e8ff6c] by James Yonan <james@…>
Allow PKCS12 file content to be included inline in configuration file, …
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