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13:44 Ticket #52 (No routing after restart of Win 2003 Server on 2.1) created by samuli
I have installed OpenVPN 2.1rc4 on a Windows 2003 Server (SBS) …
13:41 Ticket #51 (Easy-rsa howto needs more info) created by samuli
Hi, This actually bit me once when I first setup openvpn and when I …
13:30 Ticket #50 (Missing quotes and path check in easy-rsa batch files) created by samuli
Hi All, /openvpn-2.1_rc7/easy-rsa/Windows/ The batch scripts in …
13:11 Ticket #49 (--float does not work with --server) created by samuli
I have an OpenVPN server in UDP TLS-server mode. Float is activated …
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07:23 Ticket #48 (Convert the OpenVPN man-page to DocBookXML format) created by samuli
Converting the OpenVPN man-page to [http://www.docbook.org/


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10:36 Ticket #47 (retry with multiple IP hostname fails) created by snovak7
When OpenVPN is up and running, connectivity sometimes fails, so …
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07:13 Topics-2010-09-02 created by samuli
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06:04 Changeset [51e6e5b] by James Yonan <james@…>
Added --proto-force directive. Version 2.1.3a git-svn-id: …


21:39 Changeset [1d76ecb] by James Yonan <james@…>
Don't configure Linux tun/tap txqueuelen setting if OpenVPN txqueuelen …


20:23 Ticket #45 (TAP-Driver Installation in 2.1.2 on Win7 x64 not possible) closed by dazo
fixed: This is fixed in OpenVPN 2.1.3. That is a rebuilt version of 2.1.2, …
05:24 Changeset [2e8ff6c] by James Yonan <james@…>
Allow PKCS12 file content to be included inline in configuration file, …


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09:34 Topics-2010-08-26 created by samuli
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14:34 Ticket #46 (Some way of supporting static compilation) created by djc
In Gentoo, we support static compilation using a USE flag that …
09:21 Ticket #45 (TAP-Driver Installation in 2.1.2 on Win7 x64 not possible) created by Intruder73
I tried to install Version 2.1.2 on some Win7-x64 PCs. After …


20:44 Ticket #44 (More Flexible TLS Verification for plugins) created by derek.ditch
Plugins that implement OPENVPN_PLUGIN_TLS_VERIFY plugin type should be …


21:46 Changeset [842783a]v2.2-beta3 by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Preparing for v2.2-beta3 Signed-off-by: David Sommerseth …
20:44 Changeset [da2e3c4] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Merge branch 'svn-BETA21' into beta2.2


20:24 Changeset [5f866d9]v2.1.3 by James Yonan <james@…>
Attempt to fix issue where domake-win build system was not properly …
11:40 Ticket #43 (BSOD on hibernate in Windows Vista) created by samuli
OpenVPN seems to cause BSOD in Windows Vista during hibernation. More …
11:35 Ticket #42 (Default gateway not found on darwin 10.6 x86_64) created by samuli
Under darwin 10.6 x86_x64 the default gateway is not found. Openvpn …
11:28 Ticket #41 (Default gateway not detected (linux)) created by samuli
openvpn is unable to detect a network interface as default gateway. …
11:23 Ticket #40 (Documentation bug in the manual: explicit-exit-notify) created by samuli
In the manuals for 2.0.9 and 2.1, the n parameter to …
11:19 Ticket #39 (Linux gateway detection does not respect flags) created by samuli
In route.c::get_default_gateway, the /proc/net/route file is examined. …
11:16 Ticket #38 (U/P auth to server fails: Environment Variable missing!) created by samuli
Hi, I‘m currently writing a tool for OpenVPN for User/Password?
11:14 Ticket #37 (Management Console inaccurate state information) created by samuli
I am enabling the management telnet console. Sometimes when I connect …
11:11 Ticket #36 (Openvpn v2.1.1 does not recover from interface reset) created by samuli
I am not sure what happens with different configurations, but mine is …
11:09 Ticket #35 (No magic limitation on socket size) created by samuli
Hello, i think this patch …
11:05 Ticket #34 (OpenVPN Install and the Windows Path Environment variable) created by samuli
On Windows XP (and possibly newer Windows operating systems), the …


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07:49 Topics-2010-08-19 created by samuli
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16:08 Changeset [82eac6a] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Merge branch 'bugfix2.1' into beta2.2
16:07 Changeset [30e37820] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
More t_client.sh updates - exit with SKIP when we want to skip …
15:02 Changeset [97e62f5] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Test framework improvment - Do not FAIL if t_client.rc is missing …


19:42 Changeset [86af01c] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Merge branch 'bugfix2.1' into beta2.2
19:40 Changeset [0df01a3] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Build t_client.sh by configure at run-time. This is now built using …
19:40 Changeset [97750e7] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
full "VPN client connect" test framework for OpenVPN Run from "make …
19:27 Ticket #17 (build failure on OpenBSD 4.7 IFF_MULTICAST) closed by dazo
fixed: Applied to the bugfix2.1 branch commit …
19:25 Ticket #5 (Fix OpenSSL-1.0.0 compilation warnings) closed by dazo
fixed: Applied to the bugfix2.1 branch. commit …
19:24 Changeset [db3fb3d] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Fixes openssl-1.0.0 compilation warning When compiling against …
18:57 Changeset [422e5e7] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Fix <net/if.h> compile time problems on OpenBSD for good Previous fix …
18:56 Changeset [eb973e0] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Fix compile problems on NetBSD and OpenBSD Configure will not find …


18:46 Changeset [39cd937]v2.2-beta2 by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Preparing to tag v2.2-beta2 ChangeLog? has been updated with …
18:28 Changeset [0afa8df] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Merge branch 'svn-BETA21' into beta2.2
18:23 Changeset [206f6af] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Fixed compiler warning in ssl.c James Yonan noticed a couple of …
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21:53 Changeset [4f79d3e]v2.1.2 by James Yonan <james@…>
Windows security issue: Fixed potential local privilege escalation …
18:52 Ticket #33 (openvpn client cannot load certificate using "THUMB") created by wdehoog
When using the OpenVPN client software to connect using a profile …


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18:45 Ticket #32 (BSOD hangs when is TAP- enabled. Hyperthreaded or dual core.) created by samuli
When there is any blue screen on a POSReady 2009 or XP SP3 there is a …
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12:39 Topics-2010-08-12 created by samuli
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19:26 Changeset [4c1938a]v2.2-beta1 by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Tagging v2.2-beta1 Signed-off-by: David Sommerseth …
17:31 Changeset [379b549] by James Yonan <james@…>
Added warning about tls-remote in man page. git-svn-id: …
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