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Corrected the code wise changes according to the new FRP process. (diff)
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20:57 Changeset [87b342b] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Solved hidden merge conflict between feat_misc and bugfix2.1 The OCSP …
20:35 Changeset [42b39f2] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Merge branch 'feat_ipv6_wintap' into beta2.2
20:34 Changeset [cff1c4e] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Merge branch 'feat_eurephia' into beta2.2
20:33 Changeset [0b026a98] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Merge branch 'feat_misc' into beta2.2 Conflicts: Makefile.am - …
20:30 Changeset [c70135d] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Merge branch 'bugfix2.1' into beta2.2 Conflicts: openvpn.8 - New …
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adding fullchat log link to Topics-2010-07-15 (diff)


19:15 Ticket #29 (push-reset should not reset topology and route-gateway from global config) created by chantra
When using push-reset, all "push" option are reset (this also include …


22:24 Ticket #28 (Defect --multihome feature?) created by dazo
This issue was reported on the openvpn-users mailing list: …


20:36 BadContent edited by samuli
19:08 Changeset [57346f5] by James Yonan <james@…>
Added win/build_exe.py script, which is similar to win/build_all.py …
18:01 Changeset [b90c6f1] by James Yonan <james@…>
Added --register-dns option for Windows. Fixed some issues on Windows …
10:24 Ticket #27 (Automated testing infrastructure) created by dazo
Setup a testing infrastructure based on Beaker.
10:02 Ticket #26 (Verify that the "Exclude ping and control packets from activity" patch ...) created by samuli
This patch
09:50 Ticket #25 (Check if state/instance synchronization between OpenVPN instances is ...) created by samuli
As discussed in …
09:41 Ticket #24 (Migrate OpenVPN auto-proxy code from "IE4 API" to "InternetQueryOption API") created by samuli
OpenVPN's auto-proxy code uses old "IE4 API" instead of the newer …
09:34 Ticket #23 (Integrate code security analysis tools into Buildbot) created by samuli
In the [http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.network.openvpn.devel/3571 IRC …
09:29 Ticket #22 (Establish a developer bounty system) created by samuli
Many OSS projects have a developer bounty system and we should have …
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09:09 DeveloperBounties created by samuli
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08:58 Ticket #21 (CN gets mixed up with certificate name occasionally after disconnecting) created by samuli
This bug messes up iptables rulesets and status files. It was reported …


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14:57 Ticket #20 (Multiple --up scripts and no error) reopened by dazo
13:36 Ticket #20 (Multiple --up scripts and no error) closed by dazo
waiting for patch review: Attached proposed fix: commit …
13:20 Ticket #20 (Multiple --up scripts and no error) created by dazo
Transferred from: …
12:51 Ticket #19 (Enhance <connection> profile logic) created by dazo
Based on a sf.net bug report: …


11:37 BadContent edited by samuli
01:55 Changeset [f9b2ada] by James Yonan <james@…>
Implemented multi-address DNS expansion on the network field of route …


23:44 PingInactivePatch edited by waldner
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23:42 serverconf.tbz2 attached to PingInactivePatch by waldner
Server configs tarball
23:42 clientconf.tbz2 attached to PingInactivePatch by waldner
Client configurations tarball
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03:13 Changeset [9c110e8] by James Yonan <james@…>
Version 2.1.1k git-svn-id: …
03:04 Changeset [3796f90] by James Yonan <james@…>
Fixed bug in proxy fallback capability where openvpn.exe could core …
03:00 Changeset [941132ef] by James Yonan <james@…>
Added support for MSVC debugging of openvpn.exe in settings.in: # …


13:20 GitCrashCourse edited by dazo
Updated git URLs description (diff)
12:34 Changeset [6151cc6] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
fix date format mistake in PRODUCT_TAP_RELDATE (Peter Stuge) (cherry …
12:33 Changeset [455095b] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Implement IPv6 in TUN mode for Windows TAP driver. * …
09:26 Ticket #18 (Make "auto-proxy" use HTTP_PROXY environment variable on *NIX platforms) created by samuli
Currently "auto-proxy" only supports Windows. *NIX systems often store …
08:41 GitCrashCourse edited by dazo
Updated HEAD3 syntax to the newer HEAD~3 (diff)


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09:51 Ticket #17 (build failure on OpenBSD 4.7 IFF_MULTICAST) created by krzee
gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -g -O2 -MT tun.o -MD -MP -MF …


16:22 OpenvpnDevelPackageForOpenWRT edited by cron2
moved over from SCN wiki, adapted formatting to Trac wiki (diff)
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Consider 0MQ? (diff)


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Copied over "BadContent" page from trac-hacks.org …
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Added link to the FRP tickets (diff)


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17:49 Ticket #13 (Not using --push on server makes client sending PUSH_REQUEST continuously) closed by dazo
fixed: This commit solves the issue. It got applied to the bugfix2.1 and …
11:56 Changeset [031d18f] by David Sommerseth <dazo@…>
Fixed static defined length check to use sizeof() This comes in …


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