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#23 minor samuli 5 years Integrate code security analysis tools into Buildbot 4 months

In the IRC meeting on 22nd Apr 2010 it was agreed that all patches should be checked with (security) auditing tools such as Valgrind and Coverity. These tools need to be integrated into our Continuous integration server app, Buildbot.

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#22 minor ecrist 5 years Establish a developer bounty system 4 months

Many OSS projects have a developer bounty system and we should have one, too. More details are available on the Bounty wiki page.

#269 major cron2 3 years Port SVN r8219 ("Minor fix to process_ipv4_header") to Git master 4 months
#272 major cron2 3 years Port SVN r8126 ("Added remote-override option") to Git master 4 months
#611 major samuli 11 days VyprVPN violates GPL 5 days

VyprVPN client bundle provides modified OpenVPN binary based on 2.3.4 version and modified TAP adapter driver based on NDIS5 version. There are no source codes on their website and support answered for the question where can I get source code that "Support does not have that information to provide". Here is client bundle for Windows. After installation, you'll get TAP adapter called "TAP-VyprVPN Adapter V9". OpenVPN is modified to work with this custom adapter version.

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#2 minor 5 years Improve TCP-over-TCP performance 21 months

Tunneling TCP over TCP without performance penalty is difficult. However, nothing is stopping us from trying.

#25 minor reg9009 5 years Check if state/instance synchronization between OpenVPN instances is doable in 2.x series 4 months

As discussed in IRC meeting on 3rd June 2010 having state/instance synchronization between OpenVPN instances should be doable. This would enable transparent failover configuration, similar to what OpenBSD has with IPSec.

However, more research is needed to determine whether 2.x series is up for the job, or if we should postpone implementation to OpenVPN 3.0.

#559 trivial 4 months Docs/external-links: dead link 4 months

This page:

This link Installing and Securing VoIP with Linux by Champ Clark III & Bruce M. Wink

Website and link is no longer available.

#597 critical samuli 7 weeks Integrate NSSM into OpenVPN 4 weeks

The OpenVPN service wrapper for Windows (openvpnserv.exe) is rapidly disintegrating as new Windows versions are released. On Windows 7 it works adequately, but on Windows 8.x and 10 it seems to be broken. There are currently several bug reports related to openvpnserv.exe (e.g. #110, #129, #591, #71).

Instead of improving and fixing openvpnserv.exe we've decided to replace it with a more robust service manager, NSSM. It is already possible to use NSSM with OpenVPN, but the manual configuration steps are too difficult for most "normal" users. Although NSSM has a configuration GUI, it is too generic and thus too complex for our simple use-case of "enabling and disabling OpenVPN connections", where almost all configuration parameter can be deduced and/or hardcoded.

This task consists of two parts:

  1. Write a simplified NSSM configuration GUI tailored for OpenVPN
  2. Integrate the configuration GUI with OpenVPN installers (in openvpn-gui project)

The configuration GUI has some constraints:

  1. Must not increase OpenVPN installer size significantly
    • Rules out most external frameworks/languages such as Python, Perl and Qt.
  2. Must be reasonably fast
    • Rules out PowerShell ShowUI, as importing the ShowUI module takes ages. Documentation on this framework is also very poor, and knowledge of WPF is assumed.
  3. Must have permissions to modify the system
    • Rules out local web applications that don't use ActiveX controls.
  4. All components must bev redistributable
    • Rules out (commercial) frameworks which are not under an open source / public domain license.

In practice C# + WPF seems to be the only reasonable way forward. As most of the GUI is generated programmatically there's no need for a separate GUI definition (XAML) file.

The code for the NSSM configuration GUI for OpenVPN will be hosted here.

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