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#129 openvpnserv.exe should restart missing openvpn.exe processes new Feature Wish minor release 2.4
#131 client management interface user authentication abort inconsistency new Bug / Defect minor
#133 Context Menu Lacks "Reconnect" Item new d12fk Feature Wish minor
#165 GUI: broken log encoding on non-english Windows new Bug / Defect minor
#167 UNDEF user with big uptime new Bug / Defect minor
#170 client up script does not see username/password env new Feature Wish minor
#179 OpenVPN won't send AUTH_FAILED if client-connect plugin exited successfully but script not new Patch submission minor
#188 syslog facility config should be set in config file new Feature Wish minor release 2.4
#203 openvpn client can't reconnect after server failure new Bug / Defect minor release 2.4
#208 Allow ipv6 only tunnels assigned cron2 Feature Wish minor release 2.4
#212 Windows installer places OpenVPN GUI shortcut even when GUI isn't installed assigned mattock Bug / Defect minor release 2.4
#213 OpenVPN GUI on 64-bit Windows (registry issue) accepted samuli Bug / Defect minor release 2.4
#225 '--auth-user-pass FILE' and '--auth-nocache' problem new Bug / Defect minor
#226 '--auth-user-pass-verify <script> VIA-FILE' can not pass long passwords (>~512) new Bug / Defect minor
#237 Windows GUI connections sorting problem in symlink assigned d12fk Bug / Defect minor release 2.2.2
#245 Encoding problem when running openvpn on Windows Command Prompt assigned d12fk Bug / Defect minor
#246 status window in the GUI is displaying the log incorrectly assigned d12fk Bug / Defect minor
#249 Installer script bugs accepted samuli Bug / Defect minor release 2.4
#251 dhcp-option 252 on iOS new Feature Wish minor
#253 Let me opt-out of l18n assigned d12fk Bug / Defect minor
#261 redirect-private fails when no route-gateway or ifconfig options specified assigned cron2 Patch submission minor
#264 [PATCH] IPv6 p2p issues accepted cron2 Feature Wish minor
#274 check_systemd_running() test needs to be more precise new Bug / Defect minor
#276 Segmentation fault if signal received during address resolution assigned plaisthos Bug / Defect minor
#277 client-config-dir silently ignored if not readable accepted dazo Bug / Defect minor release 2.3.4
#280 Management command "kill IP:port" will fail for IPv6 addresses assigned cron2 Bug / Defect minor
#284 Add --up-pre with the same functionality as --down-pre assigned JoshC Feature Wish minor
#293 Using --mlock and --user makes openvpn "run out of memory" assigned samuli Bug / Defect minor release 2.4
#294 OpenVPN 2.3.1 consuming tremendous CPU resources on OpenBSD reopened Bug / Defect minor
#298 "Local Options String"/"Expected Remote Options String": keydir misleading new Bug / Defect minor
#308 auth-user-pass with file credentials not re-read when tunnel re-start if auth-nocache enabled assigned samuli Bug / Defect minor release 2.4
#323 not working anymore assigned samuli Bug / Defect minor
#327 [PATCH] multihome mode doesn't work on FreeBSD assigned cron2 Bug / Defect minor release 2.3.3
#338 down-root plugin does not adhere to environment contract specified for scripts assigned dazo Bug / Defect minor
#339 Properly quote command and arguments passed to system() in down-root. assigned dazo Bug / Defect minor
#345 management interface reports incorrect state after TLS handshake failure and renegotiation new Bug / Defect minor
#346 Set tap device link status based on openvpn connection state new Feature Wish minor
#350 starting openvpn with --inetd from terminal will make it loop forever new cron2 Bug / Defect minor
#358 --tls-cipher will accept values openvpn cannot use new Bug / Defect minor
#359 Poor reporting of no shared ciphers. new Bug / Defect minor
#360 on linux server, --proto udp is ipv4-only new plaisthos Bug / Defect minor release 2.4
#369 IPv6 info wrong/missing in scripts environment. new Bug / Defect minor
#372 auth-user-pass-verify passes an empty trailing arg new Bug / Defect minor
#373 --server-poll-timeout crashes with static key config new Bug / Defect minor
#386 Cryptoapicert SUBJ: selector doc new Bug / Defect minor
#388 Should be able to use crypto API (windows) for CA certificate(s) new Feature Wish minor release 2.4
#149 /30 rewrite new krzee Patch submission trivial
#157 Use SSL_MODE_RELEASE_BUFFERS if available assigned syzzer Patch submission trivial release 2.4
#219 man page could need improvements in the --keepalive section accepted samuli Feature Wish trivial release 2.4
#224 Please add the MAC address in the list of VPN clients that is returned by request "status" new Feature Wish trivial
#234 Clean up hard-coded paths in win32.c:configure_win_path() new Bug / Defect trivial release 2.4
#279 tun-ipv6 warning found when connecting to a v2.2 server from a v2.3 client new Bug / Defect trivial
#282 Preserve client's default route if networks conflict assigned cron2 Feature Wish trivial
#283 Small improvements to RHEL init script new samuli Feature Wish trivial
#291 Overriding a pushed "route" in the client's config throws an error new Feature Wish trivial
#326 security/pam_appl.h header in different location on some systems new Bug / Defect trivial
#367 LZO compression initialized message displays based on build, not config new Bug / Defect trivial
#376 OS X Notification Center Support new Feature Wish trivial
#381 slight bug in howto (--type) new mattock Bug / Defect trivial
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