NSISBug1125: start-tor-browser.desktop

File start-tor-browser.desktop, 1.6 KB (added by abllee, 6 years ago)
1#!/usr/bin/env ./Browser/execdesktop
3# This file is a self-modifying .desktop file that can be run from the shell.
4# It preserves arguments and environment for the start-tor-browser script.
6# Run './start-tor-browser.desktop --help' to display the full set of options.
8# When invoked from the shell, this file must always be in a Tor Browser root
9# directory. When run from the file manager or desktop GUI, it is relocatable.
11# After first invocation, it will update itself with the absolute path to the
12# current TBB location, to support relocation of this .desktop file for GUI
13# invocation. You can also add Tor Browser to your desktop's application menu
14# by running './start-tor-browser.desktop --register-app'
16# If you use --register-app, and then relocate your TBB directory, Tor Browser
17# will no longer launch from your desktop's app launcher/dock. However, if you
18# re-run --register-app from inside that new directory, the script
19# will correct the absolute paths and re-register itself.
21# This file will also still function if the path changes when TBB is used as a
22# portable app, so long as it is run directly from that new directory, either
23# via the shell or via the file manager.
25[Desktop Entry]
27Name=Tor Browser Setup
28GenericName=Web Browser
29Comment=Tor Browser is +1 for privacy and -1 for mass surveillance
31Exec=sh -c '"$(dirname "$*")"/Browser/start-tor-browser --detach || ([ ! -x "$(dirname "$*")"/Browser/start-tor-browser ] && "$(dirname "$*")"/start-tor-browser --detach)' dummy %k
32X-TorBrowser-ExecShell=./Browser/start-tor-browser --detach
34StartupWMClass=Tor Browser