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#70 OpenVPN 2.1.x via-env pushing of password variable doesn't work Bug / Defect critical Generic / unclassified
#32 BSOD hangs when is TAP- enabled. Hyperthreaded or dual core. Bug / Defect major Networking
#35 No magic limitation on socket size Bug / Defect major Networking
#36 Openvpn v2.1.1 does not recover from interface reset Bug / Defect major Networking
#37 Management Console inaccurate state information Bug / Defect major Management
#39 Linux gateway detection does not respect flags Bug / Defect major Networking
#41 Default gateway not detected (linux) Bug / Defect major Networking
#43 BSOD on hibernate in Windows Vista Bug / Defect major Generic / unclassified
#53 tun device was closed when starting daemon Bug / Defect major Generic / unclassified
#56 WinXP: route setup broken after standby Bug / Defect major release 2.4 Networking
#82 OpenVPN generates flood of CTL MAC Pause packets Bug / Defect major Networking
#205 --show-valid-subnets does not work in 2.3-alpha1 Bug / Defect major beta 2.3 Generic / unclassified
#207 Windows 7 x64: KB2688338 affect the TAP interface Bug / Defect major Generic / unclassified
#223 OpenVPN 2.3-alpha3 produces DCHP ACK flood on Win 7 64bit Bug / Defect major Networking
#227 Can Not Disconnect on Windows 8 Bug / Defect major release 2.4 Networking
#265 p-t-p address assigned as client ip Bug / Defect major Networking
#275 OpenVPN Connect (Android App) no longer working jamesyonan Bug / Defect major OpenVPN Connect
#331 Windows 8 and 'cryptoapicert' does not work. jamesyonan Bug / Defect major release 2.4 Certificates
#385 Regression: 2.3.3 windows client fails with arm server 2.3.3 syzzer Bug / Defect major release 2.3.9 Generic / unclassified
#389 openvpn-install-2.3.3-I001-x86_64.exe installing old 2.3.2? Bug / Defect major release 2.3.4 Packaging
#392 Not generating Server.crt [windows] Bug / Defect major easy-rsa
#393 Error occured installing tap device driver samuli Bug / Defect major release 2.3.6 tap-windows
#426 OpenVPN x64 version appears to cause slow Vuze loading Bug / Defect major Generic / unclassified
#440 errors when resuming from hibernation Bug / Defect major Generic / unclassified
#447 FreeBSD 10.0-amd64, ports/security/openvpn-devel and Bad compression stub Bug / Defect major Generic / unclassified
#555 Using GitHub integrated issue tracking Feature Wish major Documentation
#588 config.status: error: could not create Bug / Defect major Building / Compiling
#614 Connect on iOS 9: IPv4 routing doesn't work with dual-stack jamesyonan Bug / Defect major OpenVPN Connect
#615 Test IPv6 over IPv6 TODO (General task list) major release 2.4 Generic / unclassified
#696 Detect default route fails on smartos, leading openvpn to not define full routing table. Bug / Defect major Networking
#713 debian jessie server-bridge pushes routes to clients no more Bug / Defect major Generic / unclassified
#767 Permission denied for ccd file with downgrade user optopn Bug / Defect major Generic / unclassified
#821 proto udp prevents daemon start when ipv6 isnt configured Bug / Defect major Generic / unclassified
#75 openvpn fills up syslog with “socket operation on non-socket (code=88)” Bug / Defect minor Networking
#266 cannot install TAP driver on windows 7 samuli Bug / Defect minor tap-windows
#341 TAP-Windows installation failed, probably because of not trusted root certificate Bug / Defect minor release 2.3.4 Installation
#613 OpenVPN crashes with SIGSEGV when no certificate available cron2 Bug / Defect minor release 2.3.12 Generic / unclassified
#692 OpenVPN should have a --nopull option to generically reject pushed options Feature Wish minor Configuration
#730 Feature request: do not allow to set route to OPENVPN gateway though VPN-tunnel Feature Wish minor Networking
#181 Trac test ticket samuli Bug / Defect trivial Generic / unclassified
#291 Overriding a pushed "route" in the client's config throws an error Feature Wish trivial release 2.3.7 Configuration
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