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These tickets make sense, but the current developers do not have the time or the skills to resolve them. In other words we'd need help fixing these issues.


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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#325 Windows: Lacking ASLR and DEP support accepted Bug / Defect major release 2.4 Building / Compiling
#342 Cannot connect to VPN from Linux by using ikey3000 token new Bug / Defect major release 2.5 Generic / unclassified
#352 'keepalive' reconnect fails if 'remote' is specified with hostname from /etc/hosts file. new Bug / Defect major Generic / unclassified
#374 problem reading smart card. new Bug / Defect major Generic / unclassified
#48 Convert the OpenVPN man-page to DocBookXML format new Feature Wish minor Documentation
#57 openvpn status - show the interface used in multihome environment new Feature Wish minor Generic / unclassified
#92 pkcs#11 rekeying fails unless 'script-security 2 system' is used new Bug / Defect minor Crypto
#388 Should be able to use crypto API (windows) for CA certificate(s) new Feature Wish minor release 2.5 Generic / unclassified
#434 Config file parser can't handle CR linefeeds new Bug / Defect minor Generic / unclassified
#513 Bonjour networking support new Feature Wish minor Networking
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