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#364 UDP over IPv6 packet fragementation calculation error. UDP IPv6 Fragmentation assigned cron2 Bug / Defect major
#415 IPv6 link-local address handling in tun mode ipv6 link-local fe80 new cron2 Feature Wish major
#556 Dual Stack: bind to multiple IPv4 and IPv6 addresses not working ipv6 ipv4 dualstack new Feature Wish major
#664 management interface missing source port for ipv6 addresses ipv6 address port management interface new Bug / Defect major
#849 Disabling IPv6 on the netiface causes a fatal error IPv6 assigned cron2 Bug / Defect major
#850 Wrong IPv6 route to VPN endpoint added ipv6 accepted cron2 Bug / Defect major
#856 Missing port in "status 2" management in "Real Address" field (under ipv6 config) ipv6, management new Bug / Defect major
#208 Allow ipv6 only tunnels ipv6 assigned cron2 Feature Wish minor
#264 [PATCH] IPv6 p2p issues IPv6 p2p accepted cron2 Feature Wish minor
#360 on linux server, --proto udp is ipv4-only ipv6 dual-stack listen getaddrinfo new plaisthos Bug / Defect minor
#498 Support dynamic IPv6 prefixes in server config rather than hardcoded prefixes. IPv6, DHCPv6-PD accepted cron2 Feature Wish minor
#808 ifconfig-push-ipv6 should behave like ifconfig-push (DNS names) ifconfig,ipv6,push accepted cron2 Feature Wish minor
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